Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. Bareja Solar is devoted to innovation and systematically developing new products and technologies, particularly those that are high-efficiency and energy-saving.

With our long-term commitment to environmental protection and technology innovation, we are developing highly efficient Solar PV and Renewable energy power plants. Bareja Solar’s adaptation capability and its advanced technical qualifications allow the company to stand out in this fast moving industry in India, covering all the PV segments: ground, rooftop, BIPV, small generation, large grid and off-grid installations. We believe in the importance of a greener, cleaner tomorrow and this motivates us to utilize solar energy to gain access to greater quality of life, technology and progress that contribute to the well-being of people in each and every corner of the world. Bareja Solar will continue its dedication in developing technologies and solutions that aim to reduce global warming and ensure a sustainable future for living beings.