Solar Power Projects

Bareja Group’s Solar Division is a result of a group of solar enthusiasts and experts from the solar technology fraternity from various states of the country who ventured together as company alliance to form a complete team to execute large scale Solar Power Projects across India.

The Team utilizes reliable technology with an unparalleled track record which minimises risk and ensures project bankability. Use of high-efficiency superior technology and effective integrated design also reduces operation and maintenance costs. Lenders want to see proven technologies and guaranteed return on investment. Bareja Solar expertise in Megawatt scale development and our motivated team is fully devoted to your project – With optimized system design plan, Proven top quality equipment’s, good planning and logistics arrangement, Skilled workforce, from careful selection of technologies to ensuring timely arrival of materials our sole intention is to provide the most reliable and efficient solar systems available. As a customer oriented company, we become a first-class partner in terms of safety and trust, transforming solar energy into real and profitable venture. Bareja Solar is continuously moving forward to adapt to its clients requirements and analysing the international and domestic market’s trends in order to be always ready to offer the most appropriate PV solution to each client. We are committed to not only the enhancement of professionalism, but also to the best interest of the customers.